Fall Favorite Recipe Ideas

What’s Included in the Ebook?

We’ve compiled our favorite rice recipes made with fall-inspired ingredients such as a wide variety of mushrooms, pumpkin, squash and so much more. The recipes chosen are separated into meal or appetizer ideas and desserts. Meal ideas include delicious dishes like stuffed pumpkin, truffle risotto, yellow rice or a veggie paella. The dessert options include a comforting pumpkin spice latte rice pudding and an elegant creme caramel with pumpkin.

Indulge in all of these delicious and comforting recipe ideas today!

How Do You Download the Ebook?

You can download this recipe book simply by clicking on the link or image below.


fall favorite recipe ebook


Does This ebook Expire?

One of the best parts about this free downloadable recipe book is that is never expires! That means you can continue enjoying Mahatma® Rice recipes for as long as you wish! Save it to view on your laptop, tablet or phone to make cooking easier.

How Can I Share This With Family and Friends?

Tell your friends and family to head to our website using this link to download their free recipe book too!

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