Holiday Inspired Dishes

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite holiday-inspired dishes which use classic ingredients such pumpkins, mushrooms and turkey. In this E-book, we have a selection of starters, sides, mains and desserts including empanadas, stuffed pumpkin and rice pudding.

Take a look at these delicious recipes today!

How Do You Download the Ebook?

You can download this recipe book simply by clicking on the link or image below.

Holiday Inspired Dishes E-book Cover


Does This ebook Expire?

One of the best parts about this free downloadable recipe book is that is never expires! That means you can continue enjoying Mahatma® Rice recipes for as long as you wish! Save it to view on your laptop, tablet or phone to make cooking easier.

How Can I Share This With Family and Friends?

Tell your friends and family to head to our website using this link to download their free recipe book too!

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