Basmati Rice

The long and slender grains of premium quality Basmati Rice cook up with a fluffy texture and a nutty, subtle floral aroma that is perfect for a wide variety of dishes. As the long grains release less starch during the cooking process, the rice stays separate, firm and never sticky

As a family trusted brand Mahatma® Basmati Rice is Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, free of MSG and has no added preservatives.

How to Cook Basmati Rice

The ideal cooking ratio for Basmati Rice is 1¾:1, which means 1¾ cups of water per each cup of rice. This rice can be cooked over the stove, in a rice cooker, slow cooker or even in the microwave, and make sure to check out the video below for how to cook Basmati Rice.

To adapt the rice to your preference: for slightly drier rice, use ¼ cup less water per each cup of rice and to make it moister use ¼ more water per cup of rice.

Flavor Tip: To enhance its natural flavor, cook your rice in water or broth with seasonings and herbs.

Recipe Inspiration

On account of its unique and slightly floral aroma, Basmati Rice pairs perfectly with a wide variety of international cuisines such as Indian chicken biryani, curries or Tikka Masala, African jollof rice, Moroccan chicken and rice, Caribbean coconut lime rice, Mexican Fried Rice, seasoned with turmeric to create flavorful yellow rice or even spicy southwest rice.

And, as its long grains cook up fluffy and separate, it’s great for rice salads or bowls, rice pilafs, casseroles, soups or fillings for stuffed peppers, burritos, enchiladas and empanadas. Some might even say that using Basmati Rice is key for making the perfect rice pudding dessert

Difference Between Basmati and Jasmine Rice

Basmati Rice cooks up larger and slightly longer with a nuttier and floral aroma in contrast to the slightly buttery aroma of the slightly shorter Thai Jasmine Rice grains. Also, Jasmine Rice is often used for east Asian dishes like Thai while Basmati is more often incorporated into Indian cuisine however, both are excellent choices for a variety of meal ideas in the USA. Make sure to check out our guide to different rice varieties to learn more about these and other products offered by Mahatma® Rice such as specialty paella rice and sushi rice!


Available Sizes

32oz (907g)

Cooking time

20 minutes

Serving size

1/4 cup (45g)

Dietary Considerations


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