It’s that time of year again! With grilling season in full swing, Mahatma® Rice is here to help you add an extra dimension to your barbecue spread. We’ve got a range of tantalizing veggie-packed recipes to delight everyone at your summer BBQs, from paella dishes to sumptuous salads, to crispy rice fritters! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the recipes!

Perfect Veggie Rice Dishes for BBQs

The secret to a successful BBQ is variety. Relying solely on grilled meat recipes for these occasions is not ideal, as it could potentially exclude vegetarians from enjoying the feast. That’s why adding an extra string to your barbecue bow is essential. But what’s the best way of doing it? By preparing this Vegetarian Paella to supplement all the grilled goodies on offer. Made with a range of delicious vegetables—black olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, chickpeas, and mushrooms—it’s a fragrant and hearty dish. Don’t be surprised if your guests start lining up for seconds!

Alternatively, for a quick and easy rice side that’s both flavorful and refreshing, try this Avocado Lime Rice. Ready in just 20 minutes, it will complement your grilled offerings perfectly, and provide an extra option for vegetarians in attendance.

Avocado Lime Rice

Refreshing Rice Salads as BBQ Sides

The sun is in the sky and the grill is flaming! One way to take the edge off the heat is to provide guests with refreshing salad options. But not just any old salad will do. This Spicy Southwest Rice Salad is the kind of salad recipe that’s capable of stealing the show at your next barbecue. Made with aromatic Mahatma® Basmati Rice, it features a range of delicious ingredients synonymous with South Western cuisine, such as fresh sweet corn, black beans, and spicy salsa. Best of all, it takes only 15 minutes to prepare, leaving you plenty of time to focus on the grilling!

Likewise, this Rice Chickpea Salad is another great meat-free salad option to serve at barbecues. Made with Mahatma® Ready to Heat Garlic Olive Oil Jasmine Rice and packed with classic salad veggies like crunchy yellow peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, and chickpeas, it’s a fragrant and flavorful rice salad that’s ready in minutes. 

Salad bowl with Rice, cucumber, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and chickpeas
Rice and Chickpea Salad

Best Finger Food BBQ Snacks

Finger food options are a must at any barbecue. While the food is on the grill, guests will appreciate having crispy, easy-to-hold snacks to accompany their refreshments. They also provide an opportunity to experiment with more flavors and offer viable alternatives to those who prefer vegetarian dishes. These Vegetable Rice Fritters are savory and spectacular. What’s more, they take only 15 minutes to prepare!

For a cheesy treat, try our Mushroom and Cheese Pastelitos. These Mexican-inspired snacks will fly off the platter at any gathering! Likewise, these Black Bean and Rice Taquitos are another Mexican classic that go down a treat at BBQs. Just make sure you grab one for yourself before you pass them around!

Now that we’ve got a range of delicious veggie alternatives to serve to guests, let’s take a look at ways to make your barbecue extra special. 

Black Bean and Rice Taquitos

Tips for Hosting a Successful Summer BBQ

Hosting a barbecue with friends and family is always one of the highlights of summer. Something about the sights, sounds, and smells of outdoor grilling makes the season a special time for gatherings. Here are a few essential tips to make your next cookout one to remember.

  • Clean and check your grill well ahead of time. Make sure your apparatus is in prime condition for the feast to come. 
  • Choose a time and date to suit everyone. BBQs are best held in the evening when most people have finished work. Weekends are also best for this reason, but you can also make the most of public holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day, or Labor Day.
  • Provide plenty of shade for guests. If you like hosting barbecues in your backyard, it may be worth investing in some patio awnings so that guests have an area where they can get out of the sun. Alternatively, provide sunshades that guests can easily adjust when they need to. 
  • Make sure you have a variety of drinks to offer. It’s also important to cater to those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Stock up on refreshments with a range of flavors. Or, if you really want to impress your guests, whip up a batch of delicious Horchata!
  • Create a group chat to help get things organized. This way, you’ll easily be able to communicate with guests about important details. Likewise, anyone with specific food preferences can let you know ahead of time. 
  • Music will make a whole lot of difference to the atmosphere. Make a public playlist and invite guests to contribute. If your BBQ coincides with game day, set up a bluetooth speaker outside for those who might want to keep track of the score. 

Share your Culinary Creativity and #Playwithyourfood

Make this summer one to remember by gathering those you love around you for some good food and good times. At Mahatma® Rice, we believe food is at the center of who we are. So what better time to celebrate this than during grilling season!

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