Are you craving cold fruit desserts to cool you down this summer? Then join us as we guide you through a range of irresistibly fruity desserts to share with loved-ones in the warm weather. Let’s face it, nothing hits the spot quite like a refreshing fruit dessert on a sunny day. Whether you’re looking to cap off a family gathering with something delicious, or simply want to up your fruit intake during the summer months, Mahatma® Rice is here to inspire you with delightful dessert recipes that showcase a wide range of seasonal summer fruits! 

Light Dessert Recipes

To kick things off, let’s start with something light! If you’re looking for a bite-sized fruit dessert that’s not too heavy, then our Fruit Sushi Rice is the perfect option for you. Packed with juicy fruits like strawberry, kiwi, and mandarin oranges, it’s sushi as you’ve never seen it before. What’s more, the rice is cooked with coconut milk and vanilla, which gives the dish a creamy, fragrant finish.

Summer Berry Treats

Part of the beauty of fruit-based desserts is that they work equally well as breakfast options. You’ve probably heard the saying: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so all the more reason to turn your breakfast meal into something fruity and spectacular. This Breakfast Smoothie with Rice and Peanut Butter is a terrific way to start the day. Made with cherries, coconut milk, and fragrant Mahatma® Ready to Heat Jasmine Rice, and served with blueberries and raspberries atop, it’s a wholesome fruit breakfast that will put a smile on your face first thing in the morning! What’s more, you can serve it as a refreshing and fruity dessert beverage to enjoy after a main meal at your next outdoor summer gathering. It will make you the talk of the table!

Jarra con smoothie de desayuno de arroz y mantequilla de cacahuate con frutas del bosque
Breakfast Smoothie with Rice and Peanut

Strawberry Delight

What would summertime be without strawberries? Cold, red, and sweet: strawberries are best enjoyed when in season. This is because when harvested locally, the fruit is afforded more time to ripen on the tree, making it extra sweet when picked. In southern states of the USA, strawberries come into season in May and June, which probably explains why they’ve become such a staple of our most-loved fruit dessert recipes. This recipe for Strawberry Churro Rice Pudding features everything there is to love about desserts in summer, namely juicy strawberries, cold and creamy rice pudding, and crispy Mexican churros!

Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

With all the picnics, garden parties, and family gatherings going on in summer, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to prepare the creative dessert dishes you want to serve to your loved ones. Don’t fret, there’s no reason that a delicious and creative dessert recipe has to take all day. These Street Fair Rice Crepes with Tropical Fruit will satisfy your cravings for sweet, tropical, summer fruits in just 25 minutes! Likewise, these Pineapple and Mango Rice Pudding Parfaits are equally easy-to-make. Serve them in glasses with cherries atop and watch your loved-ones beam with delight!

A Quick and Simple Fruit Dessert

To round off our journey through delicious summer fruit desserts, we’ve got a recipe that will steal the show at any gathering: our Banana Horchata Smoothie! Horchata is a cold dessert beverage that holds a special place in the hearts of the Hispanic community on both sides of the Atlantic. At Mahatma® Rice, we love to innovate in our recipes, that’s why we’ve taken the popular concept of the horchata and turned it on its head by adding banana. The result? A creamy dessert smoothie with all the rich flavor of classic horchata. Best of all, it takes just 5 minutes to make. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your go-to dessert recipe this summer!

banana and rice horchata smoothie recipe
Banana Horchata Smoothie

Rice Desserts to Get Inspired

If you’re someone who likes to broaden their culinary horizons with new recipes then these Rice Desserts from around the World are a great place to start. Rice is a pantry staple that’s always at hand, that’s what makes it perfect for dessert recipes. Wholesome, convenient, and delicious, the sky’s the limit when it comes to rice desserts!


Summer is a special time of year for friends and family. The fine weather takes dining outdoors and there’s no better time to enjoy good food. Gather the people you love around you and share your culinary creativity with them. At Mahatma® Rice we believe it’s fun to #playwithyourfood. For more exciting new recipes and essential cooking tips make sure to check out what’s cooking in our kitchen!

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