Jasmine Rice with Quinoa

You don’t need to choose between the two, explore the possibilities of mixing Mahatma® Jasmine Rice with Quinoa – top-shelf rice and grains together in one place. A hearty texture and satisfying taste that will be sure to keep you full longer.

The Long Grain Jasmine mixed with the Quinoa makes for a fluffy and separate texture when cooked which means it is ideal for salads, pilaf or even blending into Jasmine and Quinoa Cakes.

Enjoy the delightful aromatic cooking experience of our Non-GMO Project Verified Jasmine Rice mixed with Quinoa in our recipe suggestions below!


Available Sizes

8.8oz (249g)

Cooking time

15 Minutes

Serving size

1/4 cup (45g)

Paquete de arroz jazmín con quinoa Mahatma®

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations