Spanish Seasoned Rice

Convenient Spanish Rice

Our Mahatma® Spanish Rice is seasoned rice with the perfect blend of both Spanish and Mexican spices including tomatoes, onions, bell pepper and cumin with a touch of paprika.

While this rice dish is traditionally made with long grain rice like white rice or jasmine rice blended with seasonings, we’ve taken the hassle out of mealtime. This rice blend contains rice that cooks up light and fluffy and is already seasoned to perfection. Our Gluten Free rice is also made without MSG so that you can prepare excellent dishes for your family and friends.

How To Prepare

We’ve crafted this rice blend to cook up perfectly over the stove or in the microwave. With a cook time of 20 minutes, you’ve got everything you need for a simple side dish to enjoy. Follow our guide in the preparation tab for how to cook this rice perfectly.

Flavor Tip: To enhance the natural flavor of this seasoned Spanish Rice, add oil, ketchup, tomato sauce or crushed tomato to the cooking water. Broth can also be swapped in for the cooking water.

Recipe Ideas

Our authentically seasoned long grain rice is a perfect base for making a skillet Mexican Rice or Spanish Rice as well as other favorites:

  • Filling: Use it as a filling for your favorite burritos, enchiladas, rice bowls or stuffed vegetables.
  • Restaurant-style side: For your next Taco Tuesday lunch or dinner serve this convenient side along with your favorite Chicken Tinga Tacos and Creamy Horchata.
  • Salad: Give your salad a hearty boost with this blend in a Spanish Paella Salad.

It is versatile enough to serve as a side or main dish for weeknight meals, potluck dinners or family get-togethers. You can also try it in this recipe for paella.

More Seasoned Rice

Want a bit more heat? Try our Mahatma® Yellow Seasoned Rice to take your Spanish and Mexican-inspired dishes to the next level.

For a bit of New Orleans flavor on Mardi Gras or any day of the year, try our Mahatma® Red Beans and Rice blend.

Available Sizes

5oz (142g)

Cooking time

25 minutes

Serving size

1/3 cup dry rice and 2 tsp seasoning (57g)

Dietary Considerations


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