As winter fades into the rearview mirror, it’s time to make the most of our Spring break and Easter vacations by getting on the road and making the trips we’ve been dreaming about all through the cold months. That’s why Mahatma® Rice is here to inspire you with the best recipes to take with you on the road. From savory bite-sized snacks to sweet treats, we’ve got you covered. So buckle up and join us on our journey through the best food to prepare when you’re on the road.

Delicious Mid-Trip Energy Boosts

Whether you’re embarking on an epic cross-country road trip, or visiting somewhere just a few hours away, it’s important to have tasty snacks on hand. That’s why these Puffed Rice Chocolate Bars are the perfect choice.

Made with fragrant Mahatma® Jasmine White Rice and chocolate, they are the ideal snack to whip out when you hit that mid-trip slump. Best of all, you’ll save time and money by not having to pull over to buy snacks from a gas station!

Crowd-Pleasing Shareable Snacks

The secret to creating the perfect road trip spread is to choose recipes that are not only made to share but also easy to transport. Having snacks that are convenient to pass around makes for a stress-free road trip. That’s why it’s good to prepare recipes that you can eat with your hands. Simple, savory, and shareable, you and your road trip companions will love both the diversity and the convenience of these snacks.

  • Empanadas with Chorizo and Rice: These delicious empanadas are great for sharing out among friends. Spicy and flavorful, make sure you make enough for everyone because no one is going to want to miss out!
  • Cheesy Barbecue Chicken and Rice Quesadillas: Yet another Mexican classic, these savory quesadillas are sure to satisfy. 
  • Spicy Croquettes with Avocado Cream: Made with cheese, paprika, chipotle, chorizo, and avocado, not to mention our jasmine rice—you and your road trip buddies will love how much flavor is rolled into these cute bite-sized croquettes.

Vegetarian-Friendly Snacks for the Road

Much like any other food party, a good road trip spread should cater to all kinds of dietary preferences. Here are two on-the-go recipe ideas that tick a lot of boxes:

  • Veggie Jasmine Rice and Quinoa Cakes: For a vegetarian option that’s also gluten-free these cakes are a great choice. Packed with flavorful ingredients, they are a wholesome snack that will provide you with the energy burst you need. 
  • Savory Rice Muffins: If you’re looking for a lighter option that will please the vegetarians in your travel group, these muffins make for a tasty alternative. 

Super Simple Salads to Go

Finally, no road trip picnic basket would be complete without a refreshing salad. But not just any salad will do. Road trips require a little more forethought, so here are a few important tips to keep in mind before we get into the recipes. 

  1. Choose grain-based salads. Grains like rice and quinoa tend to travel better than leaf-based salads as they are superior when it comes to absorbing moisture, which ensures they maintain their texture over time. 
  2. Prepare salad dressings separately. Even the best salad containers are vulnerable to seepage if not properly sealed, which can turn your road trip picnic into a mushy mess. By prepping your dressings separately, you ensure nothing leaks on the journey.
  3. Toss your salads in advance. This way, you ensure your ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the salad and that everyone enjoys the same amount. 
  4. Use Mason jars. This is another way to ensure everyone gets an equal salad serving.

Now that you’ve got these tips in mind, let’s take a look at two salad recipes that are perfect to take with you on the road. First off, this Spicy Southwest Rice Salad is a real winner on any road trip. Made with fluffy Mahatma® White Basmati Rice and infused with fresh cilantro and feta cheese, it’s sure to be a hit! Likewise, this recipe for Mediterranean Layered Rice Salad is unique and delicious. 

Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Finally, let’s take a look at how you can make your road trip as enjoyable and stress free as it can be. 

How to Store Food When Traveling by Car

Knowing the best way to store your food before you set off is essential for preventing any food waste or spoilage. Having the right containers is vital. Here are some handy items that are good to have:

  • Thermos flasks: because there’s nothing worse than cold coffee on a long trip!
  • Cooler: equipping yourself with an ample-sized cooler is worthwhile for keeping drinks and cold foods chilled and fresh. 
  • Foil wrap: helps keep dishes like casseroles warm on shorter journeys.
  • Ziplock bags: are a good way to protect your food and avoid seepage.

Road Trips with Friends

Getting out on the road with friends is one of the most enjoyable experiences of youth. There’s just nothing quite like riding down the highway to the sound of the laughter of your friends as the music plays and the landscape glides by. Sure, every journey has its bumps along the way, but if you’ve planned everything right, they won’t be too hard to overcome. Here are some useful tips to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Start a group chat to discuss the preparations for the journey. Ensure everyone’s clear on what they have to bring on the day. 
  • Make sure there’s more than one driver on the trip in case of driver fatigue. Taking regular driving breaks makes for a more relaxing journey. 
  • Create a shared playlist and have everyone contribute. The collaboration will be a fun talking point on the road. 
  • Make sure your car has been adequately serviced prior to the journey. The last thing you want to happen is a breakdown.
  • Before you set off, get a car selfie with everyone in it. Moments like these can be precious and few. 

Tips for Traveling with Young Children

If you’re bringing the little ones with you, then you’ll need to cater to their specific needs. As many kids suffer from travel sickness in their early years, it’s important to avoid large meals with a lot of liquid, such as soups and stews, prior to embarking. In addition, if the kids do start to get hungry, stick to dry snacks and try not to give them sweet drinks. Kids will also need entertainment, so be prepared. Get them to come up with a list of travel games they can play amongst themselves, like I Spy, or guessing games like 20 Questions. Put the kids in charge of the music. Let them make the playlist, and have them choose crowd-pleasing songs and old family favorites that everyone can sing along to. 

Whoever you’re traveling with, make your next trip one you’ll never forget. Always remember to #playwithyourfood and get inspired. For more expert tips and culinary insight, check out our blog.

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