Organic Brown Rice

Organic Whole Grain Rice

Organically grown, 100% Whole Grain Mahatma® Brown Rice is the perfect rice for a delicious meal. In contrast to traditional organic white rice, brown rice is de-hulled to remove the outer shell, but still has the germ and bran layer intact, giving it a nutty flavor and a slightly chewy texture.

Our organic rice varieties are Certified USDA Organic and NON-GMO Project Verified. This environmentally conscious alternative is also Gluten Free and suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

USDA Organic Certified Rice

This is a term used to differentiate products that have been produced under biological, cultural, and mechanical practices that support great farming, promote ecological balance, and conserve the planet’s biodiversity.

Organic foods are made using the best production practices that not only help the environment but also what goes on your plate. Cooking with organic rice is a simple and proactive way to play a role in taking more sustainable actions. Learn all about how to cook with organic rice in our guide to eating organically with rice or find more recipe inspiration below!

If you prefer the neutral flavor of white rice, try our Mahatma® Organic White Rice variety.

How to Cook

This rice can be cooked over the stove, in the microwave, rice cooker or other slow cooker.

The ideal cooking ratio for Organic Brown Rice is 2¼:1, meaning 2¼ cups of water for every 1 cup of rice. Find out more information regarding portion sizes and how to cook perfect rice over the stove or in the microwave in the Preparation tab.

Recipe Inspiration

Organic Brown Rice can be used anywhere that traditional brown or white rice can. Additionally, it adds flavor so it can also be used in recipes calling for long grain Jasmine Rice or Basmati Rice.

Weekday Meals: Swap in organic rice for everyday meals like a whole grain breakfast bowl or Brown Rice Chocolate Hot Cakes. Give your rice salads a hearty boost or stir it into your favorite soup. Make it a flavorful side dish for a chicken and rice dinner, try your hand at veggie-loaded rice lettuce wraps, or a filling enchilada stuffing for fun weeknight meal ideas.

Holiday Meals: Serve it as an elegant brown rice stuffing or a Brown Rice Pilaf alongside a Roast Chicken.

Dessert: Serve up a creamy brown rice pudding, Christmas cake rice fritters or mini pies.

Family-Friendly Tip: Organic is, after all, a method of farming that uses the highest quality soil, making it the perfect food to start the little ones at home on solid foods. Try it for yourself by following our guide to making homemade purees.

Find more meal inspiration for organic brown and white rice in our recipe section! Trust Mahatma® Rice to provide everything you need to make an incredible meal from sushi to risotto and Spanish paella.

Available Sizes

32oz (907g)

Cooking time

45 minutes

Serving size

¼ cup (45g)


Dietary Considerations


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