Paquete de Arroz Vaporizado Mahatma®

Parboiled Rice

Available Sizes

32oz (907g), 80oz (2268g), 160oz (4536g), 320oz (9072g)

Cooking time

25 Minutes

Serving size


What is Parboiled Rice?

Parboiled Extra Long Grain Rice, also called converted rice, gets its name from partially boiling the rice within its husk. In the past, this made it easier to process by hand, however, nowadays the practice continues as the process helps to save more of the whole grains found in rice, without the long cook time of Brown Rice.

Parboiling rice gives it a slightly yellow hue as the husk and bran layer move slightly toward the middle of the kernel. As a result, it also provides a subtle nutty flavor when compared to neutral White Rice or aromatic Jasmine Rice.

At Mahatma® Rice, we prepare our rice products with you and your family in mind as our Parboiled Rice is Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, free of MSG and contains no added preservatives.

How to Cook Parboiled Rice

The ideal ratio for cooking Parboiled Rice is 2¼:1, which means 2 ¼ cups of water per each cup of rice. This rice can be cooked over the stove, in a rice cooker, slow cooker or even in the microwave.

Flavor Tip: For even more flavor in all of your dishes, cook your rice in water or broth with seasonings and herbs.

Recipe Inspiration

If you’re looking for Parboiled Rice recipes, the extra long grains cook up fluffy and separate making it perfect anywhere White Rice is used such as rice salads, rice bowls, stir-fried dishes such as fried rice, casseroles like a Green Bean Rice Casserole for your next holiday meal, soups or fillings for stuffed vegetables, burritos and much more. It can even be used for delectable desserts like rice pudding or grinding down to make your own homemade rice flour!

Keep a bag of Parboiled Rice on hand for all of your favorite dishes anytime of day whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner main dishes and sides like a Creamy Rice with Charred Poblano Pepper Strips.


This product is extra-long grain, however, we also offer a Medium Grain Parboiled Rice, ideal for cooking Authentic Spanish Paella. This requires a shorter grain of rice with a bit more starch to create a creamier texture in contrast to the extra long grains which cook up fluffy and separate.

Parboiled Rice vs. White Rice

While both White Rice and Parboiled Rice are extra long grain, Parboiled Rice is characterized as being more yellow in color with a stronger flavor than its neutral counterpart. Also, the process of parboiling the rice helps boost the amount of whole grains making it more similar to Brown Rice.

Dietary Considerations


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