Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice

Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice

Enjoy the sophisticated taste and texture of our Mahatma® Long Grain & Wild Rice with Seasonings for any meal. This rice mixture is the perfect blend of whole grain wild rice and long grain rice seasoned with onions, garlic, celery, mushrooms and herbs.

This perfectly balanced combination includes light and fluffy long grain rice with the slightly chewy texture of wild rice, adding an attractive element to all of your meals. The added seasonings help you create convenient meals for any occasion, and it is Gluten Free Certified.

We’ve taken the hassle out of finding the perfect rice blend for more added benefits in every bite. If you don’t eat it regularly, find out why you should be eating more wild rice here.

Cooking Tips

We’ve crafted this rice blend to cook up perfectly over the stove or in the microwave. With a cook time of 25 minutes, you’ve got everything you need for a simple side dish without the hassle. Follow our guide in the preparation tab for how to cook this rice perfectly.

Flavor the cooking liquid: For a simple bed of seasoned rice or the perfect base for a rice bowl, use water to cook your rice. However, to enhance the natural flavors, swap in broth for water and add oil if desired.

Use a rice cooker or slow cooker: If you have a rice cooker on hand at home, let your kitchen gadgets do the heavy lifting for you at mealtime.

Recipe Ideas

With all the flavor you need in one pouch, this blend is ideal for any meal!

Filling: Use it as a convenient and tasty burrito, enchilada, taco or stuffed vegetable filling.

Base: Use it as a hearty rice salad or rice bowl base. Add it to your favorite soups like a Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.

Skillet: Make it a delicious one-pan skillet meal such as rice pilaf or fried rice.

Veggie-Forward: With loads of tasty seasonings, this blend is ideal for mixing in with vegetables for any picky eaters at home.

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Find more incredible and family-friendly meal ideas in our recipe and cooking sections! We’ve got everything you need to make anything from homemade sushi to a recipe for Mexican Rice, and the best authentic Spanish paella recipe. Trust Mahatma® Rice to provide what you need to explore with confidence.

Available Sizes

4.5oz (128g)

Cooking time

25 minutes

Serving size

⅓ cup dry rice and 1 ½ tsp seasoning (57g)

Dietary Considerations


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