Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice

Explore the sophisticated taste and texture of our Mahatma® Long Grain & Wild Rice with Seasonings, a perfect blend of long grain and wild rice mixed with onions, garlic, celery, mushrooms, herbs and spices. The rice is long grain and aromatic while the wild rice is technically a seed from an aquatic plant. However, both stand out for their more chewy and crunchy textures while also bringing an attractive color to your dishes. The Gluten Free blend has no added preservatives.

The fluffy yet separate texture, when cooked, makes this mix perfect for a rice salad, stuffed mushrooms, rice pilaf or soup dish. Scroll down to see a few recipe ideas!

Available Sizes

4.5oz (128g)

Cooking time

25 minutes

Serving size

⅓ cup dry rice and 1 ½ tsp seasoning (57g)

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations