White Rice

White Rice is a traditional family favorite, brought to you by the brand you can trust- Mahatma® Rice. Our rice is Non-GMO and free of MSG and contains no added preservatives. We provide you with quality products so that you can prepare the very best for your family.

Our white rice is extra-long so it releases less starch during cooking and helps you achieve that perfect separate but fluffy texture, which pairs excellently with a wide variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Rice can be cooked in many ways, shapes and forms, see below for a few recipe ideas to add to your repertoire.


Available Sizes

16oz (454g), 32oz (907g), 48oz (1361g), 80oz (2268g), 160oz (4536g), 320oz (9072g)

Cooking time

20 minutes

Serving size

1/4 cup (45g)

Paquete de Arroz Mahatma de grano blanco extra largo

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations