Chicken Seasoned Rice

Our Mahatma® Chicken Seasoned Rice mixture combines savory herbs, chicken broth, long-grain rice and a bit of toasted vermicelli. This variety is made without any added preservatives. Trust us to offer you quality products that you’ll enjoy eating with your family and friends.

When cooked, the long-grain rice maintains its long and separate shape, making it perfect for your chicken and rice meals or a delicious side for your next family gathering spread. We’ve taken the hard part out of choosing and measuring all of the right ingredients for you to make a memorable chicken and rice dish, so you can spend more time around the table with the people that matter most.

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Available Sizes

5oz (142g)

Cooking time

20 minutes

Serving size

1/3 cup dry rice and 1 - ½ tsp seasoning (57g)

Chicken seasoned long-grain rice mixture

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations