• Barbacoa and Chipotle Rice Bowl

    The Distinction Between Paprika and Chili Powder

    Chili powder: Chili powder is a red-colored mixture of spice powders that adds heat since it contains cayenne pepper. It also includes additional spices including paprika, oregano, cumin, and garlic powder.

    However, depending on the amount of cayenne pepper used, chili powder can range from mild to fairly spicy. 

    The primary distinction between the two is that whereas chili powder typically consists of a mixture of chilies along with other ingredients like cumin and garlic powder, paprika is prepared from a single chili.

    How to Thinly Slice Onions

    1. First, remove any dirt from the onion. After it is cleaned off, then place it on a cutting board. Starting with the white bulb, you want to cut off the root end. 
    2. Then, inspect the outer layer of the onion to see if it is nice, or if it’s damaged. If you find it to be  damaged then proceed to  remove the outer layer.
    3. Cut off the ends of the green part since they are often tough.
    4. Separate the green tops from the white bulb.
    5. Slice the white bulb lengthwise while holding it  together.
    6. Turn it, and then chop by cutting across all the slices.
    7. Grab the green tops and slice thin.
    8. Repeat until done!

    Other Meal Inspiration

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