Fusion cooking is a great way to spice things up in the kitchen, especially if you are tired of making the same old recipes week after week. With Mahatma® Rice, there are no shortage of great tasting, simple recipes that we can make which pull from all over the world!

But before we begin, what exactly is fusion cooking?

What is Fusion Cooking?

Fusion cooking refers to the combination of two or more different traditional cuisines to make something entirely different. By embracing fusion cooking techniques you can really expand your culinary skills and make something truly unique. By learning some of these recipes you will gain a good insight into mixing different cooking cultures and learn techniques that you can use in your own recipes in the future.

Fusion Recipes

Fusion Appetizers

These Shrimp Ceviche With Crispy Rice cakes work perfectly as a fusion style appetizer the next time you are entertaining guests. Ceviche is a Peruvian delicacy which involves tossing raw fish in citrus dressing and seasoning. In this recipe the ceviche is served along with Mahatma® Sushi Rice and shrimp for a perfect blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. 

Who thought that you could combine Israeli, Italian AND German cuisines? These Israeli Fusion Balls are a different take on Italian arancini rice balls made with German sauerkraut.  You may be wondering what exactly makes this recipe Israeli? Well believe it or not, the combination of corned beef and sauerkraut originates from traditional Jewish cuisine. This recipe can be made with either chicken broth or vegetable broth. 


Combining Italian and Latin American cooking techniques, these Air Fryer Arancini With Arroz Rojo are made using Mahatma® Arborio Rice and breadcrumbs. These Arancini balls made with a Mexican twist, can be filled with whatever you want, from mozzarella to ham! Although this recipe calls for an air fryer, you can also make these arancini balls over a stove.

This Italian Sushi made with Mahatma® is another example of a fusion style appetizer. Mixing Japanese and Italian styles, this dish is made with Mahatma® Arborio Rice, romano blended cheese and basil wrapped up in a prosciutto sushi roll.

This Spanish-Japanese inspired Shrimp Onigiri dish also works great as an appetizer. This recipe calls for us to add Spanish flavors like saffron and paprika to traditional Japanese Onigiri.  

Fusion Main Courses 

Here we’ll be fusing Japanese and Mexican cuisines with this Fusion Sushi Crab Burrito made with Mahatma® Sushi Short Grain Rice. This delicious fusion recipe gives you the best of both worlds, the flavors of sushi combined with the convenience of a burrito. You can prepare this dish with red or green salsa if you really want to turn up the Mexican flavors even further.


This Cheesy Volcano Rice recipe combines gooey Italian Mozzarella with Korean gochujang sauce and kimchi, all served together with Thai-style Mahatma® Jasmine Rice. If you want to add in some additional protein, try adding in some chicken, beef or shrimp.

The next time you are preparing a big christmas meal, why not try this Latin American/Middle Eastern fusion dish, Christmas Arab Rice Peruvian Style. Made with vermicelli noodles, raisins, almonds and soy sauce, you can also chuck in some saffron if you really want to turn up the exotic flavor of this dish.

A mix of North and South American ingredients, this Brazilian Shrimp Stuffed Pumpkin makes a perfect dish for the next time you are entertaining guests at thanksgiving. Although this recipe is traditionally served in Brazil with a Moranga, a winter squash that is native to the region, in this recipe we’ll be using a North American style pumpkin. You can roast the pumpkin seeds from this recipe for a tasty snack for later. 

Spanish cuisine meets Latin American flavors in this Mexican Style Seafood Paella recipe. Made with typical paella ingredients like mussels and shrimp along with tex-mex favorites like red peppers, jalapeños, chipotle, cilantro, and lime, this recipe goes perfectly when served alongside Mahatma® Parboiled Rice. For another fusion paella recipe, though this time with a Caribbean twist, check out this Jerk Chicken Paella.

Fusion Desserts

Serve this traditional Italian style Sweet Arancini Dessert Board made with Mahatma® Arborio Rice alongside Latin American dulce de leche to create your own fusion style dessert. The great thing about this recipe is that you can also repurpose it as an appetizer if you are looking for something more savory.


For another fusion style dessert, you can also make this Fruit Sushi Rice for a fun and sweet twist on the Japanese classic. Depending on the season you can change the fruit for whatever is in season, alternatively for something really decadent you can also try serving it with chocolate.

Fusion Drinks

These fusion techniques are of course not only limited to food, we can also use these ideas and concepts when preparing drinks as well. For example this Cafe Horchata made with Mahatma® White Rice which brings together two classic drinks from Italian and Latin American cultures. The combination of sweet flavors with coffee works surprisingly well, you’ll be hooked once you try it!


For more meal ideas from all around the world like this coconut rice recipe or the best arroz con leche recipe this side of the border, stay tuned to Mahatma® Rice!

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